No excuses – why 5 year olds are better with technology than you

Learning technology isn’t hard, it just takes practice. Let’s face it, there are a lot of smart and capable people that just suck when it comes to technology.  Are you one of them?

I once had someone explain to me “you know what, I’ve been around technology my whole life.  Learning machine language, Fortran, working in DOS… I’m just too old to learn new things”.  Let’s take this apart and try to understand it.  This guy’s telling me that he learnt computer skills when computers were made solely for technically savvy people.  Machine learning isn’t intuitive.  It isn’t easy to understand.  A person cannot simply walk up to a mainframe and start programming it. The trouble that I have with a response like this is that he was talking about his apprehension to learn how to use an iPad.  An iPad! My 5 year nephew knows how to use an iPad. Cats know how to use iPads and they poop in a box!

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