5 Signs you need a tech guy

Here are 5 signs that you need a tech guy

5 Signs you need a tech guy

You look like this when you’re working with technology.

It’s stressful when things don’t work.  We also have a hard time realizing how important things are until they break and we’re left without a working computer, or a phone, or God forbid…internet.  What I will do is help calm the waters when you have an issue.  Take the time to not only fix it, but explain why it happened and how to go about fixing it. 

Whenever you have a tech problem, you call your nephew Tommy, who works in “computers”.

We all know somebody that works in computers.  To you, it might seem like you only have a problem once in a while.  But for that person, they are inundated with questions daily, from distant relatives to friends of the family that they don’t even know that well.  Give them a break, send your problems my way, and don’t feel guilty every time you have a quick technical question to ask.

5 Signs you need a tech guy
5 Signs you need a tech guy

You always feel like you’re getting ripped off when buying tech or getting something repaired.

Have you ever gone in for a $30 oil change, only to leave with $150 worth of work done…and in the back of your mind you feel like you’ve been swindled?  The only people that haven’t had this happen are people that know enough about cars to make decisions without worrying about what the mechanic said.  I want to help you make those decisions.  Computer repair shops are known to over charge or over diagnose in order to stay profitable.  Don’t fall victim to this.

You feel like you can’t take anyone’s advice seriously because you know they’re just selling you something.

We live in an amazing time.  Technology can figuratively and almost literally do anything we could ever imagine.  This makes technical sales a salespersons dream.  What if I told you I can save you 3 hours a day?  What if I told you that you can increase your productivity by 175%? Every gadget and gizmo out there can do amazing things. What you need to know is what that’s worth, what else is out there, how well it works, and whether you truly need it.  

5 Signs you need a tech guy
5 Signs you need a tech guy

You’re the type of person that would take great pride in saying “Yeah, I’ve got a guy for that”.

Being able to delegate is a great feeling.  Having roadside assistance when you get a flat tire makes the whole process effortless and painless.  When a problem happens at work and it isn’t your department, you feel great knowing that it’s someone else’s problem (be honest…you do…).  That’s what I want for you when it comes to tech stuff.  Internet down, personal website crashed, iPad won’t boot up, don’t worry…it won’t be your problem anymore.

Don’t need a tech guy, but know someone who does?  Be their hero by sharing this site with them.  They’ll owe you, and will stop calling you for tech help.  It’s win-win


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